Hello All,

I’m trying to use ESTLCAM, and when using helical drilling, the z axis never seems to lower. I have it set to put out GRBL code which I believe was to be compatible. Here is some of the code it puts out. The Z axis goes down slightly then goes to .02 and stays there while ht moves the sled in circles. Help!

(No. 1: Helical drill 6)
G00 X3.93026 Y0.47244
G00 Z0.01969
G02 X3.84588 Y0.42373 Z0.01312 I-0.05625 J0.00000 F25.00 S10000
G02 Y0.52115 Z0.00656 I0.02813 J0.04871
G02 X3.93026 Y0.47244 Z0.00000 I0.02813 J-0.04871
G02 X3.84588 Y0.42373 I-0.05625 J0.00000
G02 Y0.52115 I0.02813 J0.04871
G02 X3.93026 Y0.47244 I0.02813 J-0.04871
G02 X3.84588 Y0.42373 Z-0.02100 I-0.05625 J0.00000
G02 Y0.52115 Z-0.04200 I0.02813 J0.04871
G02 X3.93026 Y0.47244 Z-0.06300 I0.02813 J-0.04871
G02 X3.84588 Y0.42373 I-0.05625 J0.00000
G02 Y0.52115 I0.02813 J0.04871
G02 X3.93026 Y0.47244 I0.02813 J-0.04871
G02 X3.92633 Y0.45077 I-0.05643 J-0.00099
G02 X3.91433 Y0.43211 I-0.05287 J0.02083
G02 X3.89598 Y0.41939 I-0.04115 J0.03976
G02 X3.87401 Y0.41463 I-0.02295 J0.05284
G02 X3.85173 Y0.41867 I-0.00098 J0.05799
G02 X3.83257 Y0.43101 I0.02143 J0.05431
G02 X3.81951 Y0.44987 I0.04086 J0.04225
G02 X3.81463 Y0.47244 I0.05428 J0.02355
G02 X3.81879 Y0.49531 I0.05955 J0.00098
G02 X3.83147 Y0.51498 I0.05576 J-0.02203
G02 X3.85083 Y0.52838 I0.04336 J-0.04197
G02 X3.87401 Y0.53338 I0.02415 J-0.05573
G02 X3.89747 Y0.52910 I0.00098 J-0.06112
G02 X3.91765 Y0.51608 I-0.02263 J-0.05720
G02 X3.93139 Y0.49621 I-0.04307 J-0.04447
G02 X3.93651 Y0.47244 I-0.05717 J-0.02475
G02 X3.93211 Y0.44837 I-0.06268 J-0.00098
G02 X3.91875 Y0.42769 I-0.05865 J0.02323
G02 X3.89837 Y0.41362 I-0.04557 J0.04418
G02 X3.87401 Y0.40838 I-0.02534 J0.05861
G02 X3.84934 Y0.41289 I-0.00098 J0.06424
G02 X3.82815 Y0.42659 I0.02382 J0.06009
G02 X3.81374 Y0.44748 I0.04528 J0.04668
G02 X3.80838 Y0.47244 I0.06006 J0.02594
G02 X3.81301 Y0.49770 I0.06581 J0.00098
G02 X3.82705 Y0.51940 I0.06153 J-0.02442
G02 X3.84844 Y0.53415 I0.04778 J-0.04639
G02 X3.87401 Y0.53963 I0.02654 J-0.06150
G02 X3.89987 Y0.53487 I0.00098 J-0.06737
G02 X3.92207 Y0.52050 I-0.02502 J-0.06298
G02 X3.93716 Y0.49860 I-0.04749 J-0.04889
G02 X3.94276 Y0.47244 I-0.06295 J-0.02714
G02 X3.93788 Y0.44598 I-0.06893 J-0.00098
G02 X3.92317 Y0.42327 I-0.06442 J0.02562
G02 X3.90076 Y0.40784 I-0.04999 J0.04860
G02 X3.87401 Y0.40213 I-0.02774 J0.06439
G02 X3.84695 Y0.40712 I-0.00098 J0.07049
G02 X3.82373 Y0.42217 I0.02622 J0.06587
G02 X3.80796 Y0.44509 I0.04970 J0.05110
G02 X3.80213 Y0.47244 I0.06583 J0.02833
G02 X3.80724 Y0.50010 I0.07206 J0.00098
G02 X3.82263 Y0.52382 I0.06731 J-0.02681
G02 X3.84605 Y0.53993 I0.05220 J-0.05081
G02 X3.87401 Y0.54588 I0.02893 J-0.06728
G02 X3.90226 Y0.54065 I0.00098 J-0.07362
G02 X3.92649 Y0.52492 I-0.02741 J-0.06875
G02 X3.94294 Y0.50099 I-0.05191 J-0.05331
G02 X3.94901 Y0.47244 I-0.06872 J-0.02953
G02 X3.94366 Y0.44359 I-0.07518 J-0.00098
G02 X3.92759 Y0.41886 I-0.07020 J0.02801
G02 X3.90315 Y0.40207 I-0.05441 J0.05302
G02 X3.87401 Y0.39588 I-0.03013 J0.07017
G02 X3.84456 Y0.40135 I-0.00098 J0.07675
G02 X3.81931 Y0.41775 I0.02861 J0.07164
G02 X3.80219 Y0.44269 I0.05412 J0.05552
G02 X3.79588 Y0.47244 I0.07161 J0.03073
G02 X3.80147 Y0.50249 I0.07831 J0.00098
G02 X3.81821 Y0.52824 I0.07308 J-0.02921
G02 X3.84366 Y0.54570 I0.05662 J-0.05523
G02 X3.87401 Y0.55213 I0.03132 J-0.07305
G02 X3.90465 Y0.54642 I0.00098 J-0.07987
G02 X3.93091 Y0.52934 I-0.02981 J-0.07453
G02 X3.94871 Y0.50338 I-0.05633 J-0.05773
G02 X3.95526 Y0.47244 I-0.07450 J-0.03192
G02 X3.94943 Y0.44120 I-0.08143 J-0.00098
G02 X3.93201 Y0.41444 I-0.07597 J0.03040
G02 X3.90555 Y0.39629 I-0.05883 J0.05744
G02 X3.87401 Y0.38963 I-0.03252 J0.07594
G02 X3.84216 Y0.39557 I-0.00098 J0.08300
G02 X3.81490 Y0.41333 I0.03100 J0.07742
G02 X3.79641 Y0.44030 I0.05854 J0.05994
G02 X3.78963 Y0.47244 I0.07738 J0.03312
G02 X3.79569 Y0.50488 I0.08456 J0.00098
G02 X3.81379 Y0.53266 I0.07886 J-0.03160
G02 X3.84127 Y0.55148 I0.06104 J-0.05965
G02 X3.87401 Y0.55838 I0.03372 J-0.07883
G02 X3.90704 Y0.55220 I0.00098 J-0.08612
G02 X3.93532 Y0.53376 I-0.03220 J-0.08030
G02 X3.95448 Y0.50578 I-0.06075 J-0.06215
G02 X3.96151 Y0.47244 I-0.08027 J-0.03431
G02 X3.95521 Y0.43881 I-0.08768 J-0.00098
G02 X3.93643 Y0.41002 I-0.08175 J0.03280
G02 X3.90794 Y0.39052 I-0.06325 J0.06186
G02 X3.87401 Y0.38338 I-0.03491 J0.08172
G02 X3.83977 Y0.38980 I-0.00098 J0.08925
G02 X3.81048 Y0.40891 I0.03339 J0.08319
G02 X3.79064 Y0.43791 I0.06296 J0.06436
G02 X3.78338 Y0.47244 I0.08316 J0.03551
G02 X3.78992 Y0.50727 I0.09081 J0.00098
G02 X3.80937 Y0.53707 I0.08463 J-0.03399
G02 X3.83888 Y0.55725 I0.06546 J-0.06407
G02 X3.87401 Y0.56463 I0.03611 J-0.08460
G02 X3.90943 Y0.55797 I0.00098 J-0.09237
G02 X3.93974 Y0.53818 I-0.03459 J-0.08608
G02 X3.96026 Y0.50817 I-0.06517 J-0.06657
G02 X3.96776 Y0.47244 I-0.08605 J-0.03671
G02 X3.96098 Y0.43641 I-0.09393 J-0.00098
G02 X3.94085 Y0.40560 I-0.08752 J0.03519
G02 X3.91033 Y0.38474 I-0.06767 J0.06628
G02 X3.87401 Y0.37713 I-0.03730 J0.08749
G02 X3.83738 Y0.38402 I-0.00098 J0.09550
G02 X3.80606 Y0.40449 I0.03579 J0.08897
G02 X3.78487 Y0.43552 I0.06738 J0.06878
G02 X3.77713 Y0.47244 I0.08893 J0.03790
G02 X3.78444 Y0.50954 I0.09691 J0.00019
G02 X3.80545 Y0.54099 I0.08957 J-0.03710
G02 X3.83690 Y0.56201 I0.06855 J-0.06855
G02 X3.87401 Y0.56939 I0.03710 J-0.08957
G02 X3.91111 Y0.56201 I0.00000 J-0.09695
G02 X3.94256 Y0.54099 I-0.03710 J-0.08957
G02 X3.96357 Y0.50954 I-0.06855 J-0.06855
G02 X3.97095 Y0.47244 I-0.08957 J-0.03710
G02 X3.82553 Y0.38848 I-0.09695 J0.00000
G02 Y0.55640 I0.04847 J0.08396
G02 X3.97095 Y0.47244 I0.04847 J-0.08396
G02 X3.81776 I-0.07660 J0.00000
G02 X3.93026 I0.05625 J0.00000
G02 X3.84588 Y0.42373 Z-0.08400 I-0.05625 J0.00000
G02 Y0.52115 Z-0.10500 I0.02813 J0.04871
G02 X3.93026 Y0.47244 Z-0.12600 I0.02813 J-0.04871
G02 X3.84588 Y0.42373 I-0.05625 J0.00000
G02 Y0.52115 I0.02813 J0.04871
G02 X3.93026 Y0.47244 I0.02813 J-0.04871

At present, the Maslow firmware doesn’t support the Z axis in G2 or G3 gcodes. I think someone in the community found a way to get helical boring using G1 straight line segments, but haven’t found the reference.

Ah thank you. I switched to pocket and it works fine now. Is there any plans to implement this support?

At this point, all improvements are contributed by the community, there is no
development roadmap.

David Lang