Gcode postprocessors - genereal question, please share

for those of you cutting functional “product,” what are your critical settings? I’m trying to fill out a wiki entry for software and I wanted to include a little blurb about software options and which post processor to use with which package. This isn’t requesting instructions on each, just a one liner and a note if necessary for any gotchas or tribal knowledge that are relevant for the uninitiated.

Thanks for your input.

I’ll start: inkscape with the “gcodetools” extension and postprocessor setting is none.
special note: Every once in a while an R command is included for a radius arc cut that kills webcontrol, but that is slated for a future release fix in webcontrol for improved handling.


So many settings to choose from in Fusion360 - and that’s before talking about post processing.I have nothing useful to contribute just yet - mostly scraps of wood from what not to do. But I am interested to see this thread develop.