Gcode software Opinions

Hey I was wondering what Gcode software you guys use and which one works the smoothest.

There are several programs to design your project and some of them will generate a gcode like Easel by Inventables. It is a free program with a pro version for purchase.
Also here is a thread using inkscape and makercam. www.makercam.com was the first main gcode generator used by the Maslow.
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Converting images to gcode

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In addition to makercam, I use easel. Easel has a nicer user interface and though it’s intended to be used for specific machines, you can export the gcode and use it with the maslow.

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Consider Carbide Create, which has free and paid versions, no cloud or browser required. I’m using it with a non Maslow mini router.

Interesting irrelevancy, Ed Ford, of Shapeoko fame, wrote makercam, worked at Inventables where Easel comes from, and now works at Carbide3D who developed Carbide Create


You cannot use Carbide Create for full 4x8 project

Why not?


Which post processor are you using with Cambam? I am trying to get to something closer to 3 axis functionality, I can make the router run up and down ramps with hand written code so the capability is there.