G-Code Generation Software Options for a Mac?

I see that MakerCam is no longer an option for generating g-code? I have read through pages and pages of this forum and found possible solutions, some won’t work on the Mac. I have looked at Estlcam or CamBam, but neither on of these will run on a Mac. Kiri:Moto is overkill for what I need to cut and I don’t think I can save a file type that will I’d be able to import.

I am on the Mac platform, use Adobe Illustrator to create my drawings. I can export my designs as an SVG, DXF. The pieces I’m cutting are very basic shapes cut out of half-inch plywood/MDF, I don’t need a really sophisticated program. Does anyone have a recommendation?

As an adobe user, inkscape will likely be not as polished, but it can be used to open SVG’s or even create them and generage gcode. It will get the job done and I’m pretty sure you can run it on a mac. You can also use Blender if you want, though I haven’t taken the time to learn how to use it. I use inkscape because it was close enough to corel draw that I use for laser cutting.

Thank you, I will check it out!

Mac user here. My primary workflow is gimp and/or Inkscape to get target image. Depending on source material (I am not very artistic and generally start with an existing jpg/png or svg), I then either import (svg ) or trace (jpg/png) into Easel (easel.inventables.com). Easel’s free tier has everything I have needs to generate gcode for my Maslow. Runs in a browser so it’s device agnostic like makercam. It’s preview and simulate have been great for getting exactly what I want.

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QCAD runs on a Mac. DXF2GCODE should run on a Mac.

If you can make DXF or SVG then you should be able to make GCode from that.

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Thank you I will check it out!

Thank you for the recommendation, I will check it out!


Mac user here also. I was in the same boat, and while it seems overkill I did end up settling on Fusion360 (free!). I found great info in this thread: Fusion 360 getting started and tips

In particular, this video helped me have my Aha! moment: Fusion 360 to Maslow CNC G code - YouTube

It seems overkill at first, but I’ve gone on to also adopt Fusion360 for my 3D printing design now!

Thanks to the Maslow community :smiley:

Try here:

Thank you

You can still use makercam, you just need to download it to your computer - the most recent version is available on github here and you can run it in flash projector.

That’s the mac version of flash projector, the linux version is here, and the windows version is here.

This will allow you to use makercam indefinitely.

Carbide Create is developed on a Mac and then recompiled for Windows. Does anyone know if it’s been tried on a Maslow?

According to their website it outputs Grbl G-Code. That should work on a Maslow.

I was wondering if it could handle a full 4x8 working area

MakerCam runs on flash. Chrome no longer supports flash but Mozilla Firefox does. As far as I know, you’ll be able to run MakerCam for the foreseeable future. Hope this helps

Ok, thanks for letting me know.

Ok, thank you for letting me know.

Flash is not viable long term. In fact it hasn’t been viable for a long time now. I’d suggest moving away from any Flash apps as soon as possible.

You can export SVG from Kiri for simple cuts if GCode is too much. Just switch to “laser” mode and specify a single layer cut. Laser mode also outputs GCode, but doesn’t have as many controls as CAM mode.

For simple cutouts in CAM mode, enable only waterline finishing and disable everything else (except maybe for tab cutouts).

Hey Moose,

Yes Carbide Create has been used for the Maslow. As a 2D / 2.5D CAD it works well with the Maslow.

see this thread -

Carbide Create software

Thank you

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Hey Kurtp, I’m new to the Maslow game (just built it last weekend!), but I’ve been CNCing on macOS for a few years. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but can you reference your reasoning for MakerCam no longer being an option?

I successfully use MakerCam in an offline mode by launching it’s “.swf” file inside of the Flash Player 18 native app on my macOS Catalina workstation. It doesn’t use the internet.

Is there a reason I won’t be able to continue doing that going forward?

(note this isn’t the machine I use to do my CAD work; it’s just the CAM machine hooked up to the actual cutter)

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