What do you use to generate gcode? *Poll*

  • Carbide Create
  • Fusion 360
  • V Carve
  • Estlcam
  • Easel
  • FreeCad
  • Other

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Please post what you use if you chose other.

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For maslow i do use CamBam on Linux for generating gcode.


I wonder if the 33% (currently) of respondents that chose Other noticed that last instruction there…I’d love to see an organic CAM software list generated by people’s responses!

Personally I included Other in my selection because I still use Makercam believe it or not he he, and also jscut. Oh, and TextEdit.app of course :wink:

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Nice! I didn’t know CAMBAM was available under Linux. Is it stable ? Do you use the free version allowing 1000 lines ? If so, is that a problem for your average Maslow projects, or you never reach this limit ?

OnShape and Kiri:Moto

Kiri:Moto leaves a bit to be desired on the efficiency of the code it generates, but it runs in OnShape which I have been using for quite a while now. I’ll have to experiment with some of the other options out there when I have time.

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could you post the profile you use and possible put together a demo (video or
article with screenshots)?

This is a combo that I believe should work well, but I haven’t done enough to be
confident in what I’ve done.

David Lang

Sure, I could try to throw something together.

Openscad,. Kirimoto

  1. Kiri:Moto:

Since approx one year I use Kiri for allmost all parts. :slight_smile: But as @awithing mentioned, it produces sometimes unefficient paths. On the other hand Steward from Kiri fixes “bugs” very quickly. :slight_smile:

  1. Fusion 360:

I design 95% off my parts in F360. If the shape is very complex I do the CAM also with it.

  1. LaserWeb4:

My first CAM. I loved it because I was able to do CAM and to send gcode to the machine.

Now I use CNC.js on a Raspi. :slight_smile:

I recently found

Very useful if you use SVG / Dxf files / LibreCAD.

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