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Gersus’s build log

Tinted epoxy laid in the v groove, then ran thru the planer after drying to remove excess. Then finished with Rubio monocoat pure.


Wow, incredible! Looks amazing! Great job!

So when you added the 12’ top board for better accuracy on the sides, bottom, etc… You just mounted it on top of the 10’? I was thinking about this today, as my next cut is going to be 72" and I need it to be on point haha

Yeah I laid the 12’ on top and screwed it all together. Works well. Definite improvement in the corners.

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Sweet, going to do that myself. I need 2 15’ chains, correct?

Yeah, I extended the existing chains 3’ each.

Oh ok, so you bought 15’, but only used 14’ of it, and you hung about a foot behind the machine? I’m trying to look at the pictures and see how you have yours ran but It’s hard to make out. Sorry if that’s not even remotely close to being what you have going on haha

with a 12’ top beam, you need at least 13’ chains

David Lang

I see, thanks David. I saw MakerMade was selling them at 15’ ‘Extended Chain’ for the 12’ top bar. I think that’s where it was throwing me off lol My memory of that.

There is a balance between chain length and usable distance. I wanted some gap between the center pulleys so the counterweights wouldn’t potentially interfere with each other but when there is a gap it makes the sprocket very close to reaching the motor end when the sled is down in a corner. So play around with it to get it right for your setup.

If my memory is correct I added 3’ to existing chains.

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@gersus Thanks for that info! I’ll find that happy medium between 13’ that @dlang suggested, and 14’ like you have. Aren’t the stock chains 11’? Or are they 12’? I saw that info somewhere, just can’t remember where I saw it.

the stock chains are 11’.

IIRC a 12’ chain will reach everywhere with a 12’ top beam, but it won’t let you
do the measurement across the top, for that you need just a bit more.

David Lang

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Thank you David! going to try and find it in 14’-15’ lengths now!

My wife wants a kitchen table… so I’m taking on the task of building a dining chair as a test. (Waiting on the table because I dont have the wood yet) I’m doing this with the help of a very helpful tutorial/plans on I cut the rear leg templates on the maslow so they will be near perfect. Stock is 1 1/2” x 4” cherry so I couldnt cut the legs directly on the maslow.


image image

Worked on work christmas display stuff today. That snowflake took forever…

Also, that was the worst plywood I’ve ever cut. Looked ok but sure cut horrible.


Just an FYI, the step to measure the distance between motors using the chain isn’t in webcontrol… webcontrol relies upon hand measured value for distance between motors.

edit: well, just noticed I replied to a rather old post… oh well.

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How are the chairs coming along? I just bought the Fremont Night Stand plans and will be cutting out those templates soon.


Cool! Its coming along. Need to shape the seat (I’m doing a wood seat instead of cushion), then I’m ready to start finishing.
I’ve been side tracked with other wood related things. Its taking shape though! I really have enjoyed the videos. I’ve learned a lot and definitely wouldn’t have been able to accomplish a chair on my own.


Got my christmas present early thanks to the recent sale!


Wow! Your chair is looking great! How many are you making? I’ve been torn between making them all at once or making one prototype then the rest.

Thanks! I’m making a prototype. My wife wants walnut chairs/table and I don’t have the walnut yet and I thought it would be a good idea to see if I could actually pull it off and see if she wants that design or something different. I shaped the seat yesterday. A little bit of sanding to do and it’ll be time to finish!

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