Getting weird cutting shape on cutting the final sled

Getting weird cutting shape after calibration cutting the final sled @EastBaySource the machine like jumps while cutting on the bottom right corner

This is just on of the brackets. I stopped the process before it continued

Can you please post a pic of your sled?

There is not much of a difference between a temporary sled vs a final one, the important part is for the ring to be centered in relation to the router bit, that’s all. On the temporary sled it can be easily achieved with a simple compass or using a template like this (shared by blurf)

The main difference of the final sled is just its outer shape. A circle presents the best possible shape to not get stuck when sliding over pre-existing cuts on the plywood.

Judging from the picture, i don’t think it’s a calibration issue. Seems like the sled is rotating and the router is not centered or is getting stuck, perhaps too much friction.

The bottom corners is were Maslow is less accurate. Try to cut the file up and closer to the center, then slide the plywood in a way that it gets cut closer to he edge to save on wood.
See what this user did, he drew it first, then slid the plywood to the right an cut it.


If you have access to a 3D printer you can make a sharpie holder and draw your projects before cutting them, no need to modify the G-code, just use it in place of the Ridgid router.

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