Won't cut perfect circles

I’m working on cutting the the test square with a circle pattern that come with the permanent frame graphics file and I’m running into some issues.

The square seems to cut out ok and looks pretty good but the circle is coming out as an oblong shape rather than a circle. I looked back over the weekly updates as I saw this in the past and did follow the instructions to set the machine to 2978mm apart per the update but the shape still seemed off. Any other things I could try? Should I just try to re-calibrate again?

Re-calibrating is a good place to start.

There is still a lot of room for improvement in the calibration processes. I think it’s our biggest weakness right now so issue might be on my side instead of yours.

How big of an error are you seeing?

I’ve been investigating a new system where we would measure the curve in a line towards the top of the sheet and then the length of a 70 inch line at the bottom of the sheet. The new system seems to do a really good job at finding a calibration which works well for long straight parts, but less well for shapes like circles.

I’ve also been exploring hardware solutions like the triangular kinematics approach, but that’s probably a little further out.

So the long story short is that if you are seeing a truly egregious error, recalibrating is a great place to start but we’re also working on dialing in the calibration so there will probably be improvements in the near future from the software side.


Also, with the temp sled try very shallow passes. There isn’t enough weight on it yet for the deeper cuts. You can sort of prevent this by holding your hands on the router handles and pushing in slightly on the sled until you get everything setup.