Github Repository Issue Priority

Does some way exist to prioritize issues in github?

I have added a handful of issues for feature requests, but I don’t feel they are more important than any other issues that already exist. Many of my entered issues are ideas that came to me while using Ground Control, or day dreaming about a nice feature. Those sorts of things are not critical functionality, but I suppose could be cluttering the queue. Which is why I thought prioritizing could move the “nice to haves” lower in the queue versus the defects and “must have” functionality.

Do the repositories even need priority, or are features implemented as folks are willing to implement them? I don’t want to start trying to put order where none is required, mostly wondering what others think on prioritization (needed, not needed, etc).

How about modifying the Issue titles to reflect their intention? ie: Feature Request, Usability Issue, Bug, etc.

That’s a good idea. You can put ‘Enhancement’ in the title. Bar can label them for severity, enhancement is one of the options. In practice, he’s pretty good at focusing on the brush fires, but indicating that something is a wish rather than a need will help contributors looking for a place to pitch in. :slight_smile:

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It appears that anyone can create issues, but the labeling must be only for repo owners, the list I see for labels is:

help wanted
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github has the ability to add tags to items, Bar would have to grant people the
ability to modify the tags.

Please don’t put it in the title, it may vary over time and we don’t want to be
editing things.

so far, it hasn’t mattered, but I think it would be a good idea for Bar to grant
access to some of the more regular commentors so that we can add some tags

Useful tags to have for any projects are

feature (something more significant than a enhancement)
wontfix (nees explination)
RFC (requests for comments on a proposal)

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I agree that tags are the best option, I didn’t realize that only I have the ability to create tags.

I’ll look into if that’s a setting I can adjust

If we create a new label for it, what will the difference be between the ‘feature’ and ‘enhancement’? How would one know which label is appropriate? Can you cite examples that shows the difference from issues in GC or Firmware?
[edit] I’ve found some references that characterize an enhancement as a proposed improvement or optimization to an existing function, and a feature as an addition. Does that capture it?

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