Goat pedestal

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Here is a quick youtube video about making the goat pedestal:


Nice, I am glad to see some surface design, both pocket and vcarving. It is something I am interested in myself. Can’t wait to get mine set up.


I’ll be interested in seeing how the joints hold up as well. I have heard comments on that style of fastening potentially failing because there’s nothing but friction keeping the bolts/weld nuts from sliding laterally. A real-world test will be great.

Also, we need a picture of a goat on this project.


I don’t have a goat, but this makes me want to be the tallest in my group.


I’ve always wanted a herd of fainting goats. It would be so great to come home from work, go out into the backyard, do a primal scream and see an appropriate response. What a satisfying way to instantly decompress…:sunglasses:


Which t nuts are you using and how much is it per bolt and nut together?

I’m using these: https://www.mcmaster.com/#98001a135/=1c9rbvh

There is a link under the “Buy” tab. They are $7 for 25 which is not cheap, but I could have gotten away with using way fewer than I did. They are very sturdy.

28 cents per nut is about the cheapest price for those type of nuts. What about a washer and hex nut? Would that work?

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What about barrel nuts? I guess the boring operation after would have to be sorted out, eh?

Here’s some adorableness for the weekend thanks to the good folks at @freehandfarms