New Sawhorse (from

For my first real project on my Maslow, I went with something I’ve been needing/wanting for a while! NEW sawhorses!

Got the design off from:

Super happy with the Maslow’s performance!


Great job. I was going to design these and found out they were also on the sketchup 3d warehouse.

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Thanks! I could have been more efficient with my layout. The OSB was 15mm, so I couldn’t cut as low on the original frame as I would have liked (the 10’ 2x4" would have interfered with the sled).

The leg the that was cut out on the far left of the stock was about 1-1/2" narrower than it should have been (inaccurracies at the lower edge of the sheet) but everything else was spot on.

The only other minor miss cut I had was on the lower right when the shop vac hose got to close the ground and at its limit, it pulled on the sled a little. One of the things I’d like to improve the dust collection hose routing; my hose is a little stiff and causes problems when cutting low on the sheet.

I was using Firmware and GC versions 1.04.

All in all lots of stuff to learn, improve, mod… having a great time with it and loving the community around the Maslow.

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The saw horse is great. I think I’ll make a set to hold my paulk workbench.

Thanks for the post!

Very cool! I am planning on adding a tool shelf on the bottom stretchers and a power cord hook on the side(s) of the A-frames. I am also adding additional top crossmembers to the cut file since there’s room in the nesting so you can cut through it without worry since you already have replacements. Can someone post the distance between the centroid of the bottom stretchers? Will post CAD file when done. Thanks!

I’m going to try mounting my router 180° so all my hose, cabling, and power cord come over the top. I currently already double my plywood waste boards on original frame design so my cut sheet is out in front of the 10’ 2x4. This way my sled can travel all the way to the bottom of the sheet. When I’m loading sheets, I insert 5” long conduit in pre-cut holes in the 10’ bottom span board, then I take them out right away .


I wonder if you would have less problems on the end if you got one of the new rings for the sled?

That’s what I’m wondering as well. Can’t wait for the ring kit to be available.

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@Addubb those are great ideas. I really like your solution with the conduit for loading sheets. If you reroute the hose over the top; I’d love to hear how that works.

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If I’m comprehending the centroid you’re looking for; it would be the center to center dimension of the two holes in the leg that the 2 lower stretchers go into… correct? If so that is about 5.75" on mine.

Here is the .dxf file for it. I had scale mine down to work with the 15mm OSB, and also had a .dxf to .svg conversion issue (where the conversion didn’t pick up the arch on the bottom of the legs and I didn’t catch it until later. I’ve since found a better process for me). (49.7 KB)

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Thanks for sharing! qwertyy

That’s brilliant! I could’ve gotten that off the drawing. Thanks for pointing that out. I think the camera lens made me think they were canted or something. The “dist” command shows they’re 5.3" apart. I’ll see if I can bang that out this morning.