Green crosshairs

I just built my machine and am fumbling through cutting the final sled. I understand that the red crosshairs symbol represents the position of the bit, but I clicked something and now there a green crosshair appeared? What does that represent?

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From the g-code, in GroudControl the red circles it where the bit goes into the material and the green circles the spots it comes out, i think.
If you click and hold the mouse for a few seconds, a ‘hidden’ menu will show up:

The ‘mark here’ is what creates the green cross-hairs.
Not sure what you can use it for, bur perhaps as warnings if you have screws or as reminders where you want to start the next part.

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Thanks so much for your quick reply! Any idea how I clear the marker I accidentally created? I guess it’s not doing any harm, but it clutters up an area I’m trying to troubleshoot.

It’s gone with the next start of GC. No idea how remove it without closing, but also believe that is no effect on any actions. I’m wondering if it was added when the background image was implemented. Could be an tool for that, but have no idea and have never used it :man_shrugging:

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Great. Thanks so much for your help!