Ground control question

Is there a way to clear out the G-code and NOT clear out the image of where the last cut was? Everytime I load a new drawing to cut the old drawing gets erased therefore you lose your reference to the old images.

Please explain what you are after.
The image you see is generated out of the g-code you have loaded.
It’s the path the cutter will follow. If the old ‘image’ would be still be there GC would cut it again.
I guess i just did not get the question right.

So lets say your making a day on the Maslow. You cut your first piece. Your second piece that you are cutting is completely different than the first but approximately the same size. So you upload the new Gcode and ground control creates the new image but erases the 1st piece that you cut. Now you lost your reference to the last image and possibly could cut over the same place where the 1st piece was cut. to advance into the future a great while. Lets say their are multiple cuts on the stock that you are using. And your trying to fit a smaller image onto the board to cut. Wouldn’t it be helpful to see where through all the old images where you could place the new piece your trying to cut.
Hopefully this cleared things up a bit.


You can load an background image in GC, but i’ve never used it, so can’t help how to place to accurately.
Will try to find the post.
I name my sheets in my CAD program, so if i have a smaller part to be cut, i load a previous project, look where there is space and design the new part already on the coordinates where there is space on the sheet.

Edit: Found the post on Github. Hope a “How to” is somewhere in here.

Usually what I do is look at the new project to determine its min and max x and y values. Note: I usually place my project in my CAM software so that the min x and min y are both zero. Then I use a measuring tape to measure an uncut space on the board that can accommodate those dimensions. I manually move the sled to the lower left corner of my uncut space, adjust that position if the lower left corner isn’t (0,0), and then zero my x and y in Ground Control.

Another tip: remember that your Maslow probably is most accurate in the center of the work space, so move your work piece so that the area you will be cutting is near the center. Do this before the steps above.


I have always positioned my objects to cut in the cam software. Sometimes they are coordinated with past cuts. For example I have cut out holes that are perfect to house objects I cut on. All of this figuring is in the cam software, in fact I have never known how to move things in ground control anyway. I just have to know my coordinates and sometimes a convenient notebook helps.

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I generally load up the part to be cut on a spot of the board that I think is big enough, then manually jog the router around the path with Z up and the router off to make sure that it wont fall into any holes.

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If you click and hold, Ground Control will give you an option to place a marker on the screen which won’t go away when the file reloads, so you can mark where the edges of the old file were


What do you mean click and hold? Click and hold what?

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The mouse button


If you click and hold one of the mouse buttons anywhere over the gcode a contextual menu will come up


Did not know that. Thanks!

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