Help with Ground control - no part showing

When I load g-code I see no parts only a few dotted lines. Trying to cut my final sled.

Pulled into 2 different computers, same result. Running latest version.

No problems in makercam

Are you using a gcode file that you created? It’s possible that there was a step or two missed in the process of creating the gcode file. It would be easier to tell by looking at the file. Unfortunately, I think new members can’t attach files to their posts for the first day or two, but maybe you could copy the first 20 or 30 lines from the gcode file and paste them into a post?

Its all just goto’s, no operations. I made my own and used the svg from the sled files. Is it not exporting the paths from Makercam?

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I opened the file in the downloads “New sled with toolpaths” and that shows correctly. Not sure what is happening with new files though.

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That’s it. Go back through the MakerCam instructions, and make sure that objects are selected when doing the steps.

They were all highlighted in each operation, It added tabs fine. Calculated okay. It seems like it is something else. I did it 3 times with the instructions up and it looked just like the example…

It’s a puzzler for sure! If the ‘target depth’ value or the ‘tool diameter’ value were zero, or if no profiles were selected in this step then there wouldn’t be any cutting to be calculated.

Gonna reboot, breath deep and try again. I’ll let you know.

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Reinstalled ground control using source and it works, go figure.


:tada::100: Thanks for the update!

Final sled cut with 3/32 of round and about a 1/16 undersized. Real happy with first result. Now to get tweaking


within 3/32