Ground Control 1.20

I have downloaded and unzipped Ground Controll1.20.
But I can’t find how to launch.
Please help I don’t have that much hair left :slight_smile:

The first version 1.18 that I used had a launch icon the first time I used it.

open the folder that you unzipped it in.
there is a folder called gcodefortesting (don’t open)
another folder call groundcontol (don’t open)
and then a file call launch ground control (it’s windows batch file)
I created a shortcut for it and drug onto my desktop

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Thank you for your assistance but I don’t see the file you are referring to.

Are you using Linux? If so, open a command line (terminal) session in that folder and use


to run GC…

win 7

Sorry, I downloaded windows portable version. It appears to have more files included in it.
Here is a screen shot inside the ground control folder with another launch ground control batch file.

This is my win 10 comp. I have a win 7 comp actually connected to my maslow and it looked the same when I downloaded it.

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Download this - 27.2 MB

Thank you


Here is my win 7 screens
just inside the main gc folder

and here is inside the second gc folder

(edit) Or follow Bee’s link and download it.

Let’s Explain what is going on. There are 3 versions Mac, Windows , Linux (Source) - Source can be run if you set up an environment to do so in Windows. It looks like @dparker has the Source version not the windows portable one.

This is why it looks diffrent -

Let us know how it goes.

Thank you


This did work and allowed me to open GC. :slight_smile:


Here is an icon you can use if you create a shortcut on your desktop.



This is great. Any way this can be included in future GC updates?

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I’m planning to give the build process an overhaul next week and I’ll see what I can do :+1:

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1.20 won’t open. I use an Insigna tablet with Win 10. I can run all versions up to 1.20. 1.20 and the master won’t run. It gets to the background screen and about the time the control panel loads it shuts down. I are loaded 1.19 using the 1.20 firmware since the only change was the version number. I don’t have the log file right now as I’m at work, but wanted to see if this is just my problem with this version? Thanks