Cant launch ground control

I have installed Arduino and then installed ground control. when I click on launch ground control it will not do anything? do I have to install anything else? I am running windows 10 on laptop.

I have read thru forums but I need step by step help lol.

thank you

Which operating system are you using? The causes might be different on the different platforms.


Please provide more detail to what steps you have taken. We need more information to be able to assist you efficiently and effectively.

Help us to help you.

Does this mean you click on a icon and the program never opens? It opens but the mouse is not functional, the mouse is fictional but clicking has no results? More information please.

Thank you

Windows 10

Trynna Roberts iPhone

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Yes when I click on the icon it does nothing.

Trynna Roberts iPhone

With so little to go on this is my best advice to you -

Do you have another computer you can try?

Try rebooting.

You may be missing a dependent file. Try running all Windows Updates.

You could try right clicking the icon, check it’s properties and navigate to the file it shows and try directly running it by right clicking and selecting run as administrator.

Here is a report of similar behavior :

Hopefully one of these steps will help get you running.

Thank you

Have you followed the instructions here:

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