Ground Control calibration problem

per instructions wrapped chain clockwise around sprocket and hit extend, sprocket retracts chain falls off…
Sprocket going wrong direction

what am I doing wrong?

That sounds to me like a switch from “top feeding” to “bottom feeding” or vice versa which is chosen in this step:

In which step are you seeing the chain fall off?

I had that problem too. Using the bolt-together frame with the bottom-feed setup the chain would always come loose (retract and tension are reversed)

I ended up entering the length manually and then run the calibration guide. when you get to this step just skip it.

@bar if you’re looking into this (I will gladly run the calibration again because I think it’s persistent on my setup - did it 5 times) then there’s no field to enter a value at this step in the setup guide. Is it because there should be no need for any value to be entered?
The procedure is a bit tricky since it states that 'the chain should be extended just to the point where the linkage can reach the right pulley. In my case, there’s more than enough slack to reach the right pulley so I was confused by that step.

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Wait a minute, do you have the chain clockwise? I was instructed to have it counter clockwise

If you wouldn’t mind that would be awesome. If we can fix the issue then we can save someone in the future the same headache. To be clear we’re talking about this step, right?

yes and the top or bottom feed screen choice is after this screen

Yes, it should be as shown in the picture. Where are the instructions for counter clockwise?

just for clarification I followed the picture. chain draped off the left side, hit extend and the gear turned to the left dropping the chain on the floor.

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when measuring motor spacing, the chain goes on top of the sprockets (clockwise
on the left), then when
you hook up the sled and start feeding out the chain, you take them off and
reverse them

Ok, that sounds like you did it 100% right and there is a bug. Would you be willing to go through the process again and save the log file for me so I can look to see why the command to rotate is being sent for the wrong direction?

Actually before you even do that let’s get back to a known good state with settings. All kinds of strange things can happen otherwise.

You can make a backup of your settings and reset everything to the defaults by clicking Actions -> Advanced -> Reset settings to defaults


program crashes when i try reset

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That’s good! It’s supposed to close :grin:

well at least something is working…ok will strip it down and go back to square 1 how do i do a log?

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as one of many side questions do you have to set the port each time you start program?

It will normally be remembered but because we just reset all the settings to the defaults you will have to choose it again this time

The first picture shows the chain going counter clockwise.
After reading the other comments I now get how the calibrations procedure should go - I completely screwed that up but I still think that the gear is turning the wrong way.

@Sig43 if you’re right about the top/bottom feed selection being the next picture then we’re onto something.

my machine needs a calibration anyway I will do it tomorrow and write down any problems along the way

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The log will appear next to the Launch Ground Control link after Ground Control is run. It gets re-written every time the program opens so if you see something strange happen you can grab it and it keeps a complete record of everything that the software did

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@Hans thanks for posting this I had the same issue. Only on the left motor. The right motor worked correctly. I did the procedure 7 times before I just skipped the measurement step. Skipping that step the fed out the correct amount of chain on both left and right. Defiantly frustrating but also part of the fun!

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Great to hear that you got past the initial trouble!

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