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Ground control closure


Is the groundcontrol.exe file installed in the groundcontrol directory? The *.bat file calls the *.exe file. If the *.exe file is missing, starting the *.bat will act as your videos show.

While you have not updated or resubscribed to McAfee, it’s enabled presence on your pc WILL quarantine and remove the Groundcontrol.exe file. I had to completely removed McAfee from my windows laptop to run the Groundcontrol.exe application.


How would I make sure the groundcontrol.exe file is still installed in the groundcontrol directory? How can I see if it has been removed or if it is still there?


1 - Go to the Ground Control installation directory (where ever you installed it).
2 - Open the “GroundControl” directory
3 - Look for a file titled GroundControl. I have my computer configured so I can see file extensions (such as .exe). If your computer doesn’t show the file extensions, you can reconfigure to see them per the instructions on this website.

Or, if you’d rather not reconfigure to see all the file extensions, you can right click on the GroundControl file, and select properties from the pop-up menu. This will generate a pop-up window with the file description, including the file type.


So I have looked into the information you have given me. So you are saying that the only way for me to run ground control would be to totally get rid of McAfee?

So why was this problem with McAfee never a problem up until recently? I have had the program on my computer and it was fine for a while while I was using and cuting things with my Maslow. Why did it decide to quarantine the item out of the blue? did something in the coding change?


Alright, so I ended up contacting customer service at McAfee and they explained how to keep a program from being scanned. Thus far it has fixed the issue and I hope it continues to keep the issue from persisting.
Thank you for all your input! It was very helpful!


Please explain how you kept McAfee from scanning and quarantining Groundcontrol.exe
I’ve only been able to consistently run GC on a laptop minus McAfee. I’d like to have some protection again, or use my work laptop occasionally. Btw, GC worked on my McAfee protected laptop for a long time. Then suddenly didn’t in a manner very similar to what you’ve dealt with.


So I went to the Real time scanning tab and added a file to it. It seemed to work, then I moved the folder containing ground control to my desktop for easy assess and it found the file again and got rid of it. So I unzipped the 1.20 again and pulled out just that file, made a copy and put it in my ground control folder on my desktop. Then I white-listed the file again and so far it has been working. I have copied an extra .exe file so that I can insert it if the other one is quarantined. I have been running ground control in the background for a little while not and it has not done anything funky yet. I restarted my computer to test it. If the issue does decide to come back, I am going to enter a complaint into McAfee and make them figure out the issue. If the issue does come back I will let you know. I also would not like to get rid of McAfee because I do not want any bad viruses on my computer.

Oh I also right clicked on the .exe file and clicked “Always keep on this computer”. I am not sure if that had anything to do with it or not.


My experience was that the steps to bless GC in McAfee needed to be done any and every time GC is moved or updated. The blessing is very specific to a file in a certain location. Once blessed, all was well until the next update.


Yes, that seems to be what happened. When I moved the file, it found it again. I will not be moving it again I guess!


Thank you for posting the McAfee how to info. I’ll try that. I thought I did something similar in the past. It worked, for a while. Then groundcontrol.exe disappeared in the middle of a part. Fun. And I removed McAfee…


I have been having the same problem, where Nortons quarantine’s and remover it because it keeps telling me that it contains trogon #9

it’s driving me nuts where I can’t even use the ground control


Don’t have Norton but did you search for white listing?
This post might be to old (04-Apr-2017) but perhaps a start to solve it:

Edit: Oh, I forgot the most important: Welcome to the Forum!

Edit2: (Aug 2018) Looks completely different. Good luck!


I did it the way he said and can make it work on one of the two laptops I have not the one I want to be using for the CNC, but it works, still have to jump through hoops, and repaste the .exe file into the folder each time I want to open the GC but it atleast is working


@bar @blurfl Have any of the ground control application editors / architects actually investigated to understand if there IS a Trojan contained in the Groundcontrol.exe? Or what application behavior is flagging this as a Trojan?


One way you can assess any suspect program for yourself is to use the virusTotal web-based tool. It submits the file you choose to a long list of different virus scanners and reports the findings of each. You could submit the file “GroundControl-Windows.Portable.v1.24\GroundControl\GroundControl.exe” to get a feeling for what the many scanners find, and decide based on how many mark it clean versus flagged.
Another thing you can should do is to submit it to the support group of the anti-virus software you are using. They can identify ‘false positive’ situations and will add the exceptions to the pattern updates issued to subscribers. Keeping up to date is important, those lists are often updated. If the file really does contain a virus, they will notify you and share the information with the many other anti-virus industry support teams. Either way, you effort will be helping everyone.
The GroundControl-Windows.Portable releases are packaged using a program ‘PyInstaller’. It is not unusual for sone of the scanners to incorrectly flag a program packaged by PyInstaller. That seems to be the situation in this case. Unfortunately, the solution is for individuals who are registered users of the affected anti-virus software to submit files to their AV vendor’s support system for assessment. Those support groups usually aren’t as responsive to non-subscribers. The Win10 instances I’m using don’t flag the files. If yours does, submit a file to your vendor, see what comes of it.


I’m a small developer myself.
And I run into the Security Software issues all the time.
Most of them, rely on the Cloud.
and the Cloud is based on How Many Users Use the App.
The App needs to have some type of reputation.
If the App has very low number of users, or No users in the cloud.
It’s flagged as Suspicious.

Apps that connect to the Internet, get flagged as Trojans…

Security software will always Error on the side of Safety.
Thus, apps with low or No reputation in the Cloud get removed.
This is a False Positive.

Most Security Software will let you White List or Create an Exception for a single File or an Entire Folder.

So that is what a user must do, when the security Software Flags an App as Suspicious.

Contact the Security Software Vendor and Find out how to white list or set an exception.