Ground Contro; crashes

Hello everyone,

I am a new Maslow owner. I built the frame, setup everything and ran my test cuts. After entering the measurements to dial the machine in I had to call it a day. I spent about an hour today trying to run the Final sled but when I try to select the file in ground control it closes the program on me. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


Can you open other files?

No it will not open anything. I click on select in bottom right corner of ground control screen and it simply closes the program. By the way I am a novice when it comes to computers, so it may be something super simple.

What are the computer specs? Make/model, operating system, etc…

Are you clicking on a file first before hitting select?

HP elitebook windows 10

doesn’t even give me the chance to click on the file

when the screen comes up, click on the file you want to load and then click select.

Ground control apparently crashes when no file is selected when you press select.

Offending code is here… will open issue on github

filename = instance.selection[0]

I appreciate your help. I will have to try again tomorrow as i am getting ready to leave for work.


Try finding the file ,the shortcut points to, and run the file from it’s location by right clicking and running as administrator.

Thank you

I submitted PR#740 to address this issue. It checks for a non-null selection before exiting the FileBrowser.


I just wanted to update you, I got it running today.
Thanks for your help.