Ground control movemement

Question as I am building my system waiting for parts I am playing with the GC software.

#1 Z-axis motor just starts up and will not stop turning… Any thoughts short of cabling which I am checking
#2 Without anything connected to my PC if I load one of the test files from GC should I see the GC cursor move when I press the play button? If so I must be doing something wrong.


Not clear what started the z motor here. If you have your motors connected, try running the ‘Actions/TestMotors-Encoders’ test which should run each motor in turn, and will verify that the encoder for each works correctly. If you’re using a z motor different from the stock one, pay attention to the signals, often wired differently from the stock motor. The stock motor and the PowerControl board use this order:
M+ (black), M- (red), 5V (orange or blue), ground (green), encoderA (white), encoderB (yellow).

The answer is - maybe. The cursor movement reflects the information read from the encoders. If you have your motors connected and powered up, even wWithout motors, there’s a way to play around as well: in the Arduino IDE, in the firmware file Config.h, find the line

// #define FAKE_SERVO      // Uncomment this line to cause the Firmware to mimic
                           // a servo updating the encoder steps even if no servo
                           // is connected.  Useful for testing on an arduino only

and remove the comment marker (//) ahead of the #define. Upload that version to your Mega, and when you open GC you can run a .nc file and watch the cursor move. Later when you get motors hooked up, remember to undo this change and upload the firmware or you’ll have a very puzzling time trying to figure out why things are borked (voice of experience…).

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