GC connected but no movement by the motors

Hi there,
I have the problem that the motors do not move.

My actual configuration:
I bought the Maslow Basic Bundle and have already built the frame.The motors are already mounted on the frame.
Now the computer (Windows 7) is connected by USB to the Arduino Mega and the motor shield (V1.4 TLE5206) is connected to the motors. I could upload the firmware (1.26) to the Arduino and have started the Ground Control (1.26).
In GC i clicked to “Action” and selected the Port (it was Port 3). A click to “Connect” was confirmed on the mainscreen of GC on the right side.
Now every attempt to move the motor fails.
Does anybody have an idea? Thanks for your help

what shows up in the logs on the bottom right? did you remember to shutdown the
arduino software before having GC connect to the arduino?

David Lang

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Step 1 confirm that the power is plugged into the motor shied and NOT in the arduino.
Step 2 confirm that the LED on the power supply is lit.
Step 3 if both above confirmed, use the “test motors/encoders” and report back what it says.

Edit: “test motors/encoders” is a test you find in GroundControl


thanks to dlang & Gero,
The arduino software I closed and shutdown before I opened the GroundControl.

To solve the problem was so simple that I did not think to check this. It was the power supply. The included power cable was broken. During the continuity test I noticed that two of the three wires had a break.
small cause - big effect
With a different cable the motor test worked.




Nice debugging! I haven’t seen one of those fail before, it’s good to know that is possible and I’m glad you found a solution.