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Trying to verify that the Z axis motor operates before starting calibration

The assembly instructions discuss the option to move the z axis motor to make sure we tighten the coupler set screws. While doing this, I could not get the motor to turn. I did hear something but it was brief.

I am running the latest firmware in Arduino for basic Maslow kit. Running Groundcontrol per the assembly instructions.
I would like some help making sure the Arduino, Motor shield, cables and connections, and motors are running. Is there a simple test to do this?
I am running Ground Control on an old Windows 7 SE machine. Seems to have loaded just fine.

Please help.

there is a button to test motors, that runs all the motors for a bit

make sure the clamp is loose enough for the router to move.

Ground Control is not really being maintained any longer, the recommended thing
to do is to run webcontrol and access it via a browser

David Lang

Actions → Test Motors/Encoders should do exactly what you are looking for :grinning:

Ok I will try this today. Thanks.

Brian Eicher

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