Ground Control on Chromebook using CrossOver

I am looking for an inexpensive alternative to running Ground Control. Currently I have a RasPi 3 running UBUNTU Mate, which runs fine, until I open Ground Control. Then it becomes really clunky. It works, but it is not user friendly in any way. If someone knows a fix for this, that would be awesome. If not, no big deal. Otherwise, I’m guessing (because I’m just an amateur) that the Pi doesn’t have the processing power or RAM to keep up with running the OS and the program at the same time.

I literally don’t need the computer to do anything but run Ground Control, so I was curious if anyone had any experience running it on a Chrombook via CrossOver. Or if anyone has put UBUNTU on a Chromebook and tried running it that way. Thanks for any and all suggestions.

@MrAkrophobic The RPi 3 processor is not the problem, its the GPU. If you enable the experimental GL drivers it runs silky smooth, but you lose stability. The other options are to use it with touch screen or remote desktop.

I did my initial calibration and cutting on the RPi 3, but have moved to using a chromebook as follows:

Chrome OS in developer mode running crouton virtual environment (Ubuntu 16.04) .Currently working on Neverware converted Dell e6410 with 4 Gb of ram.

Note: Im running on an x86_64 CPU, others have tried ARM chromebooks and reported Kivy libraries are not upto date. If its an ARM book you might need to compile Kivy from source.

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Ok, thanks so much for the info! The chrome book for sale didn’t have any specs listed, but I’ll keep my eye out for the differences. And as for your chrome os, had you ever tried using CrossOver?

I just ran the v1.18 release of GroundControl-Windows.Portable using the macOS version of Crossover 17.5.1 :+1:. I’m not presently set up to try the Linux version of Crossover though…

Awesome man thanks for the info. It brings me hope.

not sure how cheap you need the price to be but you can get small 8" windows tablets for $70 to $100 new
you will need a pass through power cord adatper since most use the single USB cable for data and power.

I notice that the Chrome version of Crossover requires an Intel-based machine…

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Oh very good, thanks. Those are pretty much what I’m looking for.

FWW -my pi 3 on ubuntu mate 16.04 is rocksolid and reasonably quick. What are you using for a display? Is it touchscreen?

Thank you

I’m using the HDMI to a monitor. I take it that’s not the best route?

I remote into mine - but HDMI without touch screen should be fine. How big is your memory card, what class is it?

Thank you

I’m using a Samsung EVO Plus 64GB. Looks like a class 3.

Unless something else is eating resources that card should be snappy. Try the 3 diffrent video modes form Raspi-Config. One of them was the clear winner for me, it’s been long enough I can’t remember which one.

Thank you

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate the help. I will try those settings out and get back to you with the results. In the meantime I was able to trade an external hard drive for a slightly dated laptop, so I’ve got a stable device to run Ground Control on. Calibrated just a few minutes ago and everything is running smooth, so all that’s left is a router and some tests.