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I have picked up a used Makermade (Maslow Classic) and am in the process of getting it set up. I am having some difficulties with the software. I have downloaded Ground Control and have it running on a Mac operating on OS version 10.15. Connected the Mega 2560 to my computer and can connect to the board and get the one motor connected to turn. I have also downloaded Makerverse but am unable to connect to the board. I keep getting an error message indicating I need to update to firmware v51.28 but the message does not indicated what this firmware is for? Is it for the Arduino board? I also cannot figure out how to connect to the control board over WIFI. I am hoping to get the control board working on my workbench before hooking everything up to the frame. Thanks for any help.

Firmware is the code running on the Arduino mega. Makerverse / Webcontrol / Groundcontrol are the gcode sending program options that talk to the arduino via USB. If you use a raspberry pi or other headless computer to run the sender, you can connect to the sender via wifi. There is no “wifi” connection on the arduino other than the computer you supply. Makerverse and Webcontrol both have web connections to allow you to control them from another computer via a web page you load. For example: A maslow in the garage connected to a raspberry pi can have the gcode uploaded from a desktop design system in the house. One can then load the same web page from a phone, move the sled to a start position while in front of the system and then start and monitor the run using the phone or a shop tablet or some other device that has that loaded web page.

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Thanks for the response. As much as I would like to control the machine over wifi I think I should get it up and running and connected to my Mac first, then consider the wifi option. I am still not what the v51.28 firmware is for. When I first installed Arduino and connected it to my board a firmware update to v1.26 was required. Because these two firmware numbers are so different I assume they are for different hardware?

It is an arbitrary numbering series so we know what it is used for:

1.xx series firmware is for the standard triangular calibration.
51.xx is for the holey firmware calibration method
101.xx or 151.xx (I forget) is for the optical calibration that has not found widespread use

the decimal is the version number. 1.26 supports most boards available from the vendors with the basic calibration. 51.29+ supports eastbay’s newest boards, 51.28+ supports makerverse.

All of them are for the arduino mega controller. None of these work with the Due controller

firmware managed by different groups with completely different numbering

David Lang

Okay. Where do I get the Holey v51.28? I am running Ground Control on a MacBook Pro. Can I use it to install this firmware update? I have not had any success in finding any Webcontrol installer.