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Setting Up Calibrating Original Maslow (MEGA) w/Makerverse (Instead of Ground Control)

Hey Maslow Folks!

I’ve been digging through the forums and found a few posts that were similar to my issue, but not quite; so I apologize if I’m missing something obvious or rudimentary here. Here’s what I’m having trouble with…

I’ve wanted to make the jump from using Ground Control to Makerverse with my original Maslow (starter kit, MEGA Arduino board- purchased in spring of '20, before the M2 was released.) I’ve been using it on the old firmware with Ground Control just fine for the past year.

I updated the firmware and downloaded Makerverse, and am having no software problems connecting- that’s all working just fine. My issue is, the set-up and calibration procedure seems to be completely at odds with my setup. The chains seem to be attached differently, the method of measurement is obviously new and different… for reference, I build my frame and attached my motors and chains using this, now outdated, setup guide: The chains attach to the back, you measure the distance between motors by pulling the chain tight, etc. Ground Control walked you through this in the calibration dialogues, with photos.

When pulling up the calibration dialogues within Makerverse, none of the pictures or examples seem to match my setup. I can’t seem to find a step-by-step for getting set up with the old machine. I’ll be upgrading to the M2 with the upgrade kit at some point, but in the meantime, I’d love to use my Maslow as is! (And with the firmware update, I can’t go back to Ground Control.) Am I missing something totally obvious?

Thanks so much, all. Happy to explain this poorly-described scenario in more detail.



@MakerMadeCNC Do you guy have any thoughts?

If you post pictures of your setup and what the instructions are saying we might be able to guide you.


Will be pulling in to help with the above, Ethan!


Thanks so much, all! I’ll do exactly that- get a better description put together with photos. Super happy to be a part of this community!

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Thanks, Patrick!

@ethanterry could you send me an email to


Will do, Mike! Thanks so much.

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