Ground Control version

I have recently received my mallow kit

I have a dual boot windoze/Linux laptop allocated for the maslow
When I setup the windoze ground control was version 1.17 with firmware 1.17

After installing ground control on OpenSuse Linux, the ground control version is now 1.18
I cant seem to find the V1.18 firmware and ground control is complaining it;s version does not match the firmware.

I have run a motor test and all seems fine
Just wondering if im missing something here

Not to big of an issue while I proceed to mount everything on the frame


Sunshine Coast, Australia

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Every two weeks we update the Software and Firmware. The message is a warning and you can continue past it. The other option and is recommended, is to upload the newer firmware to the Mega/Maslow shield. The last option is not to update at all but miss out on the things getting fixed.

Thank you

The Linux version you see is the development branch. That is usually stable enough to use. The firmware you’re using is the most recent release version.
If you want to use the development version of firmware to match the dev GC, use this link.
If you want to use the release version of GC to match the firmware you already have, use this link.


Thanks guys, that clears it up