Step by step instruction for Ground control update

I recently finished setting up and calibrating my Maslow. I updated my Firmware but then received the message below stating I had to update Ground Control.

What are the steps needed to update ground control? I couldnt find easy to follow steps in the forum and I dont want to download a new version if I have to re-calibrate my machine again.

Im running on Windows


just download the lastest release from github, extract it, and run it like version 1.17. The calibration file, groundcontrol.ini, is stored in C:/users/username folder (assuming your PC has a standard windows install) and won’t be overwritten. If you are happy with the calibration, I recommend making a backup copy of the groundcontrol.ini file (not because upgrading, but just if something happens to your PC)

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ok. simple enough.


As FYI - you can run this way & I have. It’s a warning message, you can continue past it.

Thank you

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