GroundControl reporting wrong version number

I’m getting an warning message that my firmware is out of date.

Ground Control Version 1.13(!)
Firmware Version 1.12

Raspberry Pi / KivyPie

Somehow you’re running the development (v1.13) version of GC and the release (v1.12) version of the firmware. They should work well together, but if you like, you could update the firmware from this link.


Yes you either GroundControl from git, or you pulled from github. Your best bet is downloaded the zip from the releases page on github.

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I cloned from git. The current release (for the firmware as well) is 1.12, so not sure how the software thinks it’s 1.13


It is 1.13 because once @bar tags 1.12, he then updates the version number in code to next one. Using git you can switch to official 1.12 tag. Something like git checkout tags/1.12 I don’t have access to it currently, but you can do git tag to see all the tags.

The clone operation brings the development version, one number higher than the latest release. The numbers change shortly after each time a release comes out. Here are links to the release versions of GC and the firmware.

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Thanks. I guess I could specify the version directly using git. It would be worth pointing that out in the installation notes (though, probably most people using that option, unlike me, would know better!)

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