Hanging plotter makes hanging plotter game

Seemed appropriate for a first project with the Maslow. This is a ‘Gruyere’ game, sometimes called Up Ball. You use 2 strings to try to pilot a ball as far up the board as possible before falling in one of the holes. Each color zone is a different number of points, with the white circle at the top being the most. The kids can now relate to the Maslow :slight_smile:

Worked out well with cheap scraps around the workshop. It wasn’t perfect - circles were a bit irregular, but the game doesn’t care about perfection!


That is truly the perfect first project! Awesome!


Make it landscape and it is the Maslow. Love it.

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This is pretty cool sir

Amazing - bonus points to anyone who adds a triangular kinematics kit!

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@Josh_G, lovely first project. Are the plans for this open source? I just took delivery of my Maslow today and I’ve been shortlisting ideas for initial projects, this seems like a fun one to start with and would make a lovely gift for a neighbouring school.

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Hey… thanks! Was a fun one to build. I mostly winged it on the table saw except for the main face, so no real plans. The rest is just building a shallow box around the face, and a series of ramps within to deliver the ball to the right spot. Those parts need to be perfectly straight, and my maslow wasn’t yet up to that task (and rectangular parts are much faster to produce with a saw than by cnc anyway).