Games made on the Maslow - Strut your stuff

We have seen some awesome game builds on this site and I thought I start a thread to bring them together. Please show off the games you made with the Maslow here.

Examples are the games from @Jetstar and @TheMerryYeoman which they have shown here. Please repost if you find the time.

Here is a game that I made, a color based Sudoku with marbles. Very nice to play and a good eye catcher in the living room. First draft worked well, but if you like to build it make the channel around it large enough to hold all the marbles. It helps to set up the game.


So glad you started the thread and awesome work on the marble game looks great. Cant wait to see what other games have been made using the maslow :blush:

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I allready posted mine, but here is my Hive game

And a big connect four

I’ve made some more games, but there was no maslow in them.


What did you use to fill the holes?
In Dutch that game is called “mens erger je niet”, which loosly translates to “man, don’t get annoyed” which i find a very good name :slight_smile:


I did learn it was called that from the original post and your right the name is very fitting :sweat_smile: the holes are filled with a polyester resin and tinted with tie dye pigment. Also really love your connect 4 game​:+1::+1: any chance the design files would be available?


Admittedly, I only wish to incorporate the Maslow and building games. The Dirty Marbles board that I posted on the other thread was developed while developing systems I plan to use with the Maslow such as gluing up panels. I used an old template that has made many games for my family and friends. I then just used a forstner bit to follow.:smiley: