Has anyone buildt a sled smaller than 16"?

just curious what the smallest useable sled is? I know people have done 16" sleds. The problem with big sleds is they create more friction. if one can get away with a 12" sled why make it any bigger?

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With a 12” sled and the Ridgid router, I think it would be challenging to fit the weights so that the sled will hang at the same angle as the workpiece… it will be pretty topheavy. And I am not sure that there will be much reduction in friction, as the weight of the sled will not be reduced significantly, so there will just be more weight / square inch with the smaller sled…

Given all the above naysaying, why not give it a try? Let us know the results.


you need the sled to not fall in the areas you cut, and you need to be able to
attach to it.

In an extreme case, this could be the router on it’s stock base :slight_smile:

if you are always going to be doing fine details, no large cuts, I’m sure that
you could put together something in the 3" range or similar :smiley:

David Lang