Has anyone here used the sears brad nailer?

I’m wondering how good these are?


any input is welcome

Thank you

I have never used the Sears brand.
But i just got my self a second harbor freight nail gun. Fist one i have had for 2 or 3 years I am just a weekender but still use mine quite a bit and have had no issues.


I have a Bostich from one of the big box stores, works good.

Our local Sears Hometown owner says Sears corporate may not last a lot longer. A real shame, grew up in a Sears family and ended up being one, most of my hand tools are Craftsman. Hmm, Stanley ate B&D and then ate Craftsman…

A Bailey Stanley Black and Decker Craftsman #5 jack plane? Gonna need a bigger box just to hold the name