Has anyone tried a laser on the eastbaysource malslow

Has anyone tried a laser on the eastbay malslow @EastBaySource ??
they advertise shield 1.4 as ‘‘laser ready’’ but how is that laser or how it works ?

You can control a laser diode by connecting it into the aux 2 port on the board, issuing an M106 command (g-code) will turn it ON and M107 will turn it OFF, depending on the laser diode you choose you may need also a mosfet to bump the 5v logic output up to 12v for the laser.

  • Aux 1 is for router ON/OFF (M3/M0)

  • Aux 4 is for Z-axis Touch Probe

  • Aux 2 for Laser ON/OFF (M106/M107)

Hope it helps


Is there more info on diode selection?

Ok thanks!