Laser module for maslow

Anyone knows what laser diode works with the @EastBaySource maslow ?

Any laser engraving diode will work, look on Amazon for “engraving laser diode module”, some laser diodes will turn on 100% at 5V allowing you to connect it directly to the shield.

These laser diodes usually have 4 wires connector, two are for power it up (you need a dedicated 12v power supply for this) and the other (TTL/PWM) two are the wires you will connect to the aux2 on the shield for turning it on/off, .

Check the the laser specifications before you buy it

  • 0-5V TTL/PWM - can connect direct to the Aux2 on the board.

  • 0-12V - you will need a mosfet to bump the shield signal up to 12V

Pins on the TLE5205 control board

  • Aux 1 is for router ON/OFF (M3/M0)
  • Aux 4 is for Z-axis Touch Probe
  • Aux 2 for Laser ON/OFF (M106/M107)

Hope it helps