New Shield v1.4 Info

Hi everyone! I just finished building the frame for my first maslow CNC at my local makerspace. I just got in the updated shield from Eastbaysource, and I had some questions on connecting the motors:

Does it matter which motor is plugged in where on the board?
Also, can anyone explain to me why the newer version is so much better (other than the info on the Eastbaysource website)?


The left motor (your left as you face the workarea) plugs into the connector closest to the 12V jack. The z motor goes in the middle.

The board you’ve got has

  • heat sinks firmly mounted
  • motor driver chips that have built-in over-voltage and over-temperature protection
  • are rated for higher current
  • through-hole motor driver chips that could be replaced if damaged in spite of the above.

I designed the thru-hole TLE5206 board after my fumbling about with my Maslow had damaged a couple of the original boards and I couldn’t repair them. Don’t misunderstand, the original design has cut thousands of miles of wood chips trouble-free for many users. It’s a proven design. Me, I seem to break things, so I made an alternative that I wouldn’t fry and that I could fix if I did.


I see. The heat sinks for the original keep falling off, and I thought I’d upgrade the board while I was building this for my makerspace. I saved the original board just in case I need to go back to it. I’ll keep everyone posted once I get this thing hooked up and the machine calibrated tonight.



Is there a way to connect relays to the board to control the router and a vacuum?

Yes it is, you can connect a hi/low level input relay(s) to the AUX 1 and easily power the router and vacuum, just make sure the voltage/current rating of the relay is enough for your router/vacuum

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