Hello for the first time in Metric measure

Well I live in Sweden but you cant see the sweds anymore…I cant regulate withe the inch & I can only use the metric, is there any measures or plans in metric if I buy the Maslow cnc machinery.

Downloaded a pdf that I got in the mail but there is none metric in it !

I have a wall where I can put the cnc but I need it in metric & not in …

Well best regards from the Sweden the lower parts of the crime city of Malmö.

Great work anyway !!!

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Google is your friend when it comes to this. I converted all the measurements over when I built my one which worked out ok.


Me too. I used the recommended Maslow dimensions in inches and just converted them to metric.

When you set up the machine the software supports metric during calibration, and you can cut G-code files that are specified in inches or mm. There is no ‘metric version’ of Maslow, it’s just Maslow.

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Secretly it’s all designed in metric and then converted to inches :grinning:…Even in the US many engineers prefer to use metric :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the reply but that must be very foolish that I or you who R buying the stuff must directly change the dimenstions to make it work, that is stupid & because of that I will not make an order.
I rather buy an ordinary cnc machine then this that you only can do big stuff.
Thanks again /R

You are making no sense. Following your logic, then every cnc you will look at will be stupid because your gcode must have either a G20 or G21 at the beginning tell any CNC which units it is running and what unit system is used in the gcode in the file that is generated from the CAM software. G20 is mm, G21 is inches. This is no different. Additionally when you manually move the maslow, there is a button. You click it to run it in MM or in inches.

Regardless of what code is sent to the system, it runs internally in mm. That is the secret.

In the big scheme of things this means something else: (Not stupid) FLEXIBLE (Big big difference).

Best of luck to you. There are lots of other options starting at 2x the price that are smaller if that is what you would prefer and internally they might convert to inches or mm depending on which one you buy. Good luck finding one that doesn’t do any conversion.


Thanks for the reply but thoose who are selling the CNC machines all over the world have everuthing in inches or in mm, but only Maslov does not have it a plan to give around.

You buy it & then you must read it & translate it to another language that is stupid, I bought an INCRA machine last year & I asked for a metric plan & I got it.

The machine may be perfect but are they so lazy that they cant make a plan in metric for people in europe in metric, I have never learned to thing or count in inches but only in metric.

The customer is always right & may be that he is wrong but you can never tell that to him, just say thank you and have a nice day because he maybe come back another day.

Thats why I was wondering about the metric, if there does not exist in metric then I just turn around because I have to google it & what kind of business is that…lazy really lazy.from the developers side

I wil buy one from Maslow but I wont use it for tree routing like you and I will not use it with a router, I will use it for another thing & we all use our imagination except maybe in the deep sands in Arabia…but there will come one day that some will be rich of all the sand there haha

Thanks for the fast reply, that is great that there are people who can help each other when they need it, 10P…

I started all my Maslow activities in inches and over time have basically been forced to switch to metric for ease of precision.

I still need to do a lot of conversion, this is an extremely handy little program I have used for years.

Sorry to say so, but it sounds to me that the Maslow is NOT for you.
This is not a plug and play, and if you think that converting from imperial units to metric is too much of a step, then you better stay away.
The folks that have developed this machine have done a fantastic job. It’s open source and ready for the community to improve. Instead of complaining, you could offer to take the plans and convert them for the next person to come. But anyways…
Good luck with whatever system you end up buying.