MM or Inch can you select what you are using

this sounds like a simple question but I cannot find the answer, I have cut a few things but cannot figure out how to use the machine in INCH… I have always converted the drawing to MM and then created the cut file.
can I use GC in INCH instead of MM.

thank Bryce

Sure :smile:! Cut files generally have a gcode near the start that puts the Maslow into the appropriate MM(G21) or INCHES(G20) mode appropriate for the values in the cut file. For moving the router around with the on-screen buttons, click on the button marked ‘MM’ (or ‘INCH’) to change between the two.


thanks I will go down that path I changed that line in the code and ended up with a postage stamp cut out piece I suspect I saved it as INCH and then told GC it was MM in the gcode.


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The g-code specifies inches or mm in the file, so it’s the CAM file that
determines which you are using.

There is an option in GC to change it’s display between inches and mm, but the
mode GC is in doesn’t matter once the g-code starts being processed.


Welcome to our group. When I got my first laser cutter I started working in Metric. I strongly suggest making the jump and going all metric in any CNC application. It will make everything easier in the end. That is my opinion. - I see the how to was already answered :slight_smile:

Thank you


Sorry, but when i click on button “MM” or 'inch" it change only the right part of data on screen, and didnt change the left

GC can not change what is set in your g-code with G21 metric/G20 Imperial.
Looks like you don’t have Z-motor installed and your g-code is imperial, so GC asks you to zet Z at -0.12 in.