Help a fellow Maslovian out would you

Help Wanted…

My 3D printer nozzle is plugged (again) so I can’t make the plastic (dust hood) parts and (truth be told) I am too lazy to order all the other parts.

Looking for someone to sell me a pre-made upgrade kit for the Z axis using the MeticulousMaynard design in the Garden.

I would like to use my existing ring system, Ridgid R2202 router and and Z axis motor (original upgrade kit parts).

So… If you are making one of these for yourself, make one for me also and help out a fellow Maslovian.

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Carefully use a welding tip cleaner on the nozzle. Run some melted filament through before reinstalling the nozzle. Pipe cleaners (cotton, not polyester) can scrub the inside of the barrel, hot, if needed. To be seriously hardcore polish the innards with a polishing compound (silver polish can work if that’s all you’ve got) on twine or yarn. I did mine while watching the telly, up and down till bright and shiny, can take a while.

Some like the IPA burnout trick, heat it up with a torch and dunk it in isopropyl alcohol (don’t know if the other kind if IPA works). It’s had mixed results here but others swear by it.

Retract your filament 10mm or more when done printing, reportedly helps prevent coking off while idling. Of course reprime it before printing. Both easily done in your start and end gcode

My problem is a plug up in to cooling end of the extruder. Has some wet carbon fiber score and plug it. I have cleared it a number of times and due to the scoring, it plugs again quickly. Don’t want to buy new as my printer is a Robo3D and don’t want to research finding generic replacement parts. A new extruder complete they want $50 plus shipping.