Help with makercam/part cam cut operations

I’m looking for help creating multiple cut paths. I’m using and there’s a white part in the middle of the image i want to cut down. However no when i try to make a pocket operation on it, it fills the white part and the inside black part with hashes. Does the hashes mean it cut the whole thing?
Also does anyone recommend a better program to set multiple cut paths? Thanks.

I don’t know if it would be better, but in inkscape you could set it as its own layer and set the depth it cuts and generate the gcode. You can do it as a fill or outline section. Check out the wiki for instructions if you want to pursue that.

probably, a pocket is telling it that you want to cut this entire shape down to
a lower level.

David Lang

The white part is probably not it’s own path in the svg. It’s probably actually a transparency, so when you select that area in partkam, it’s going off of the inside profile of the black outer part.