Multiple operations and holes from Sketchup

Hi, really new to all this, so be patient!

I am working on my first real cut other than the final sledge, trying to find out my workflow.
I designed something in Sketchup that requires some contour (both internal and external) and some fasteners holes.
I exported and imported the components into Fusion.

The first problem is that Fusion in Manufacture can’t identify the paths from the Sketchup circles, maybe because they are segmented? Ho to work around it?

Second, this is the big noob question: how do you drill small holes? I have a 1/4" bit on the Ridgid router. Should I perform drill operations first, with a smaller bit, then change the bit with my 1/4" for cutting? How do you actually perform two operations?

I am lost, too many things to learn all together

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The way I do multiple operations is in makercam.

Export it from sketchup or Fusion as an SVG file. Open in Makercam, create your different operations and export them seperatly as gcode and swap bits as necessary between gcode files. In this case you will want to group operations for each bit in separate files.

How do you export from Sketchup to an SVG file? I downloaded a plugin (flights of ideas) but it does not work for my Sketchup version (2018). Fusion does not export SVG, or at least not out from the box.
I tried makercam to cut the final sled but it was a PITA. Not a reliable way to go I feel.

You can try face SVG (above), I haven’t tried it. I use an older SketchUp with flights of ideas.

You should be able to open a skp file in fusion and convert from there I did that recently. I use convertio a lot for work around file conversion also. I can do some testing later if you like I’m away from my computer right now.

Thanks for the advice ShadyG. I will do more testing and see how it goes.