How do i get started?

Hi i want to make furniture and sell it on craigslist using this machine. I am a complete noob though and dont know where to start as there are plenty of free soft wares out there. I understand CAD is used to design the furniture and CAM is used for the cnc machine(if i am correct). It is winter now and I plan on doing this in Fall. So were do i start learning about this machine and make my deadline.

Yow -


Welcome to our group. We are here to encourage people to be creative. There are a few caveats here for you.

First - This machine is considered a hobby level machine. This means it is not intended for production purposes. There are machines in the wild for that. The price point is much higher. This Machine - The Maslow is for people that want to learn CNC on a large scale affordable system. It is a kit to keep the system affordable. It’s also open to be changed or improved.

If you intend to use it for a business I’d start with a minimum of 2.

There is a lot to learn. I’d start with the Wiki -

from there expand the pages on the left and find - Safety first.

after that you can use the assembly guide to sort of understand the workflow.

then back to the Wiki - there are several sections.

Then the forums.

If you have specific questions this is absolutely the place to ask.

Thank you