Where to Begin?

Hello everyone! I can start by saying that this is an exciting opportunity for someone who always had hobby interests but is now older and is interested in tech trends.

But where to begin? Its not totally what should be learned first? Should I focus on sourcing a kit and then simply tinkering or should I get a better grasp on the principles of what I am getting into



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Getting a grasp on what you are getting into is a good idea.
-CAD side: We had many users expecting to find ready made files that they could just load and cut.
This is rarely the case, because material thickness, bit diameter and other stuff is just not transferable from one machine to the other, unless all parameters are identical. So learning one of the CAD options is a must, as well as entering the correct settings to convert the drawing to g-code (CAM).
If you start learning how to adjust files to your requirements, you might as well design them from the scratch.
At the end of the day you will want to know how to cut you own projects.

-Hardware side: The MaslowCNC is not a ‘plug and play’ device. It takes some dedication to get though the setup and calibrate the machine. The frame needs to be built and router and ‘chain link’ need to be attached to the sled. Precise measurement and drilling skills are required.

The support on this Forum is the best I’ve seen, so there is help if you get stuck.


Thanks for the feedback,

as far as CAD goes I have some experience, however the hardware side I am completely unfamiliar with. Is the build guided? is there documentation available for reference? Is it best to get ahold of a kit, or to source parts individually? What about a beginners FAQ… :slight_smile:



I would get a kit. Sourcing the parts is a headache.
If you can bolt this frame together you are good to go.
Bolt Together Maslow Frame (including instructions)
But its also worth to look at other designs here on the Forum and give it some own thoughts.
I’ve hinged my frame on the wall for example.
Good planing is half building time :slight_smile:

‘wikis’ are on github and here in the forum, but a question asked here is also answered.

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On the learning side, this isn’t a bad place to start: Table of Contents