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How to direct message user?


I would like to direct message a user but can’t seem to figure out how to send it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


If you know their handle (i.e., @madgrizzle) you can click your “symbol” in the top right corner, click the envelope (middle icon at top left), select “New Message” (blue button) and send a message that way.

If you are reading someone’s post, you can click their image and then click the blue “Message” button on the profile that pops up.


Thank you! It appears that I needed to be promoted up a trust level to do so as I didn’t previously have the links available. I do now, and appreciate the help!


I think there may be a waiting period after joining before you can direct message or you have to have a certain number of posts… something… dunno specifically


Thank you again, I appreciate the help and was able to send a message based on your advise (and my upgraded status).


Trying to contact someone on the map but the name they used doesn’t register as valid for mail purposes - any ideas on how to contact? Thanks


If he/she did not use the same name on the map as in the forum there is no chance other then asking here.