How to loosen snare tight belts

After calibration the belts are snare tight which makes it really hard to take them off. Is this normal? Is there a way to remove tension before taking the belts from the frame? Should all belts be tight during operation? Is there a difference in behaviour between vertical and horitzontal fraome.

Mine are maybe not quite that tight, but still pretty tight.

There isn’t a way to loosen them up right now, but maybe we should add a button for that?


I’d put it on the list. :wink:
Also, note that this is with the z axis lowered to 0 as required for the calibratin sequence. Once you start moving the z axis op, which can easily be 50mm, the amount of tension gets worryinglt high,.

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extend belts should let you then grab the sled and move it a bit to get some
slack on the belts.

David Lang


Ahh, so it’s just a matter of doing a retract all while it’s on the frame followed by the extend command. The first will make it think it’s retracted already and the second will spool out belt to create the neccesarty slack. And this won’t confuse the Maslow?

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