How to prevent chain wrapping?

How do you prevent chain wrapping? My machine never had this issue before, but has sat fallow for a few months. It happened on the left side, so I went through calibration again, and retired the cut on the ruined price. Now it happened on the right.

What am I doing wrong here?

this is usually caused by the chain angles, but if it was working and now it’s
not, it could be that the chains need to be lubricated. I would suggest a
graphite or silicoln chain lub (something that won’t have sawdust sticking to

David Lang

I agree with @dlang I think after sitting the chains might just be stiff

Edit: That bungee also looks very slack. It’s possible that it has become stretched out after sitting

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I would agree that it is probably an issue with the bands getting weak from setting with tension on them for a while. When you stopped using it, did you leave any tension on the bands or did you unhook them?

If it was not for the door that is right there, I would have suggested going over the top of the sprockets and using a 2l bottle full of water instead of the bands.

I played with the bands initially but quickly went with the “gravity assist” method. I have not had a chain wrap or skip since (other than the time I forgot to hang the bottle bottles back on the chains).

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I didn’t think about the bands, and left them under tension. Do I need to tighten those, or replace them then?

What’s the gravity assist method? Just letting them dangle?

I think its a lack of or insufficient counterweight issue?

gravity assist replaces the bands with simple rope (paracord or similar) and
weights. People have used elaberate pully systems, I did an example with just a
couple pieces of pipe

David Lang

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