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How to shift gcode?

Is there any way to shift the x and y coordinates of a gcode so you’d be able to cut multiples of one program at once?

there is a standard way to do it, but the maslow does not implement tht yet.

right now with the maslow, you would need to define your multiple copies at the
CAM stage.

you can redefine where home is and run it once, redefine home, run it again,

David Lang

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yeah that’s what I’ve been doing but having g code do it seemed easier. that sucks that it isn’t implemented yet. Maybe in a future update :crossed_fingers:

contributions welcome :slight_smile:

I’d love for someone to implement a ‘bug bounty’ or ‘feature bounty’ where
people could ask for features to be implemented, then whoever implements the
features gets paid for doing so. This would let people who don’t have
time/expertise to contribute code to encourage things they want.

David Lang

did you come up with that? seems like a great way to speed along some advancements that may not come otherwise

the idea is not new, but we don’t have anything like that setup yet.

David Lang