Project placement in Ground Control

Still very new to this and still trying to figure this all out. But my main question right now is, is there a way to place my project in Ground control in a specific place on the material I am cutting. Instead of it randomly placing it.

it is placing it based on where 0,0 is in your CAD. 0,0 on the maslow is the
center (unless you redefine home)

So if you have 0,0 as the center of your CAD drawing, your part will be centered
around home.

If you have 0,0 as the bottom left corner of a rectangle that just barely covers
your drawing, you will be just above and to the right of home

if you have 0,0 way off from your CAD drawing, GC will have it way off from
where home is.

It’s a good practice to set 0,0 consistantly (either center or bottom left have
good justification) and then you can redefine home when you want to have it cut
elsewhere on the sheet.

David Lang

I’ll add to David’s comments. Depending on your workflow, the zero for your gcode file is often defined in the CAM part of your toolchain, rather than the CAD part. Of course in some systems the CAD and CAM are in the same program.

Also note that in Ground Control you can change the location of home (0, 0) on you workspace. So if you didn’t give any thought to coordinates in your CAM step, you can probably recover in ground control. I don’t
know how you would do it if your gcode is positioned at x=500 ft, but I bet you could even do that with some editing sorcery.

And to move the part either press “Define Home” to move your part to the current sled position, or press and hold to get a “Define Home” option anywhere on the sheet

Thank you guys for the feed back I will have to try that. I’m sure I will have lots of questions.


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