HowTo: Contributing to the MaslowCNC Wiki (please pin)

The MaslowCNC community is growing and innovating by leaps and bounds. As new ideas are being experimented with and found to be good (or bad), the wiki is a great place to document avenues of research that have reached a valid conclusion.

Have you used a non-standard router with MaslowCNC?
Have you used the MaslowCNC to cut different materials?
Is your MaslowCNC different than the standard one in some way?
Did you find one bit to work better (or worse) than another?

If so, your experience is needed in the MaslowCNC Wiki!!

Here’s how you can contribute:

The MaslowCNC Wiki is hosted on and is actually 5 cross linked wikis, each corresponding to a section of the MaslowCNC source code. By and large, the links in each section are self referential and should ‘just work’, but if you’re making a new page, it’s a good idea to think about where that page would most likely refer to.

Just like this forum , the MaslowCNC Wiki is a Markdown based tool. This means pages are easily editable with a few common formatting rules found here:

One tip: When making a new page, cut and paste a similar page’s header to retain the sitewide navigation links and start with common page formatting.

It only takes a few mins to make a new page so please consider adding your conclusions (good or bad) to the wiki!!