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Hey, nice new forums!

Is it possible that for the forum topics that do (approx) mirror the Wiki sections (Community Garden, Electronics, Firmware, GroundControl(Software), and Mechanics) to have a prominent link at the top of the forum?

A comprehensive Wiki is much easier for casual discovery than forum browsing, imho.


one of the nice things about the new forums is the ability to have 'sticky’
threads that stay at the top.

Just create a thread that contains the info you want and bar can make it sticky.

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Changing the header to have quick links to ala the project homepage makes sense to me. So quick links things like Assembly Guide, Wiki, etc. like on the homepage.

It’s a bit inconsistent to have header logo link to forum homepage rather than project homepage. Maybe qualify it as “Maslow Forums” for clarity.

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I will work something up later tonight.

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This is still an issue. I just went to find the wiki to add a page on accuracy and can’t find a link here.

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