If you have contributed to the Wiki


I just did a test. I searched for a topic covered in the Wiki. It is not returned to the search in the forums. I’m suggesting if you have contributed to the Wiki in the past you add a forum post with a brief description.

See an example here:

This will allow people searching the forum to find the results without us sending them links directly.

Thank you

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As noted I am slowly working my way through the Maslow CNC Function Block Diagram. My intent is to slowly populate content into this section from the Word document I have been working on - Maslow CNC Survival Guide.

The intent of the Maslow CNC Survival Guide is to explain the building blocks of the Maslow CNC System including things like PWM, Kinematics, Motor Gear Ratio’s PID control, timer interrupt system, Arduino I/O interface system.

The problem I see is that there is great information in the threads but it is not being captured and consolidated noting that you have been doing a great amount of work but it is a big job.

Point in case was the great work on the Axis Gearbox Ratio done by others not myself. This has not yet been added into the motor gearbox encoder section as the current content in the Wiki is not correct. I added a consolidated summary of the work done by others in the original thread but did not want to post it to the wiki until all involved said they were happy with it.

What I really feel needs to be done in the wiki is almost the logical groupings of topics as they would appear in a consolidated document. That way it will make more sense when populating content.

Again your efforts facilitating consolidation of knowledge is fantastic and will aid the community greatly

Kind Regards Stuart


I’ve made contributions to the bits and materials wikis, should I make a quick post outlining the information I’ve added? I have been making updates to those wikis as I test more materials and tools. Should I make a post every time I do an update, or only the first time with an addendum which states that I’ll be updating it as I go along?

Other contributions, such as the chain guide and sled dxf’s are detailed in other threads, so I think that information should be pretty easy to find with a forum search.

I’d say 1 per wiki entry to tie it in here. If you add something significantly different then and update. The idea is to tie any search back into the forums.

Thank you


Here goes, I guess this is my “test” to see if the format is correct. Please let me know if you see something that needs to be changed.

Plywood, MDF, and particle board details in the “Stock Materials” page:

Made a page for the one of Maslow store tools, 1/4" single flute bit, with feeds and speeds for materials I’ve tested:

This is reminding me that I need to test more tools and post the results :wink:

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This format is perfect.

Thank you

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I want to acknowledge your work and that I agree with your observations. I think your road map is a great idea. I want to type a lot more but I’m running a fever and have a killer headache. I’ve been trying to power through it all morning but I think I need take a break. I just want to say thanks for your efforts.

Thank you

You are very welcome Bee
You have been of great assistance with helping me so again thanks.

If you want I can send you regular updates on my progress of the Survival Guide then you can see what you wish to use or not if that helps as I appreciate what you are trying to do is of significant benefit.

I will do a few more updates and can release what I have so far noting it is a work in progress. I hope to finish the Triangular kinematics this week as have been stuck on the quadrilateral kinematics and requested Bar provide some guidance when he get the time (no doubt he is flat out).

Take care of yourself and get better soon.

Kind Regards Stuart